Sept. 13 - Oct. 13, 2013
The Pitmen Painters
By Lee Hall
Directed by Stevie Zimmerman

From the acclaimed writer of Billy Elliot comes the real-life story of a close-knit group of northern English miners whose lives are transformed when they unexpectedly discover their own artistic potential and become art world sensations. Funny, gritty, inspirational and moving, The Pitmen Painters is both a thought-provoking exploration of the politics of art and an uplifting celebration of the creative impulse in us all.

Nov. 23 - Dec. 29, 2013
Noises Off
By Michael Frayn
Directed by Doug Wilder

What can go wrong on stage? Everything! In this hilarious, side-splitting play-within-a-play, a troupe of manic misfits prepare for their opening performance of Nothing On. Lacy lingerie and plates of sardines fly in the air as these misfits flub their lines, forget their props, and miss their cues. They somehow survive each other’s flaws, foibles, theatrics, and love triangles in this wickedly funny revelation of what can happen on the other side of the curtain.


Feb. 7 - Mar. 2, 2014
Souvenir: A Fantasia on the Life of Florence Foster Jenkins
By Stephen Temperley, Directed by Jay Brock

The delightfully demented diva and real-life eccentric heiress, Florence Foster Jenkins, fancied herself a coloratura soprano but was in fact incapable of producing two consecutive notes in tune. Her growing mob of followers packed her recitals, stuffing handkerchiefs in their mouths to stifle their laughter—which Mrs. Jenkins blissfully mistook for cheers. Her concerts in the 1930s and ‘40s included a legendary appearance at Carnegie Hall. Told affectionately through the eyes of her longtime accompanist, Souvenir is the sweet and inspiring, and yes, hilarious, portrait of a passionate music lover who believed that “what matters most is the music you hear in your head.”



Mar. 28 - Apr. 20, 2014
The Cripple of Inishmaan
By Martin McDonagh
Directed by Steven Carpenter

Excitement ripples through the sleepy Irish community of Inishmaan that is abuzz with the news that a Hollywood filmmaker plans to shoot a movie on a neighboring island. When young “Cripple Billy” lands a screen test, the oddball citizens of Inishmaan mount a heartbreakingly hilarious campaign bursting with dark madcap humor and touching devotion. Tony Award-winning McDonagh creates a quirky, sincere, and scathingly funny fable of the slender line between cruelty and kindness.

May 23 - June 22, 2014
Bat Boy: The Musical
Story and book by Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming
Music and Lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe
Directed by Steven Royal
Musical Direction by Walter Bobby McCoy
Choreography by Pauline Grossman

Ripped from the 1992 World Weekly News tabloid headline, Bat Boy:The Musical is both musical comedy/horror spoof and big-hearted satire on American prejudice. When a half boy/half bat creature is discovered in a cave near fictional Hope Falls, West Virginia, the local vet’s wife sets out to teach him the ways of civilization only to be thwarted by the colorful, narrow-minded, “civilized” townfolk who have something else in mind. In the tradition of Sophocles, Sondheim and South Park—with hints of Mary Shelly, Tim Burton and Mel Brooks—Bat Boy weaves a smart and playful pop/rock score with a crazy take on American eccentricities.

Cave illustration courtesy of Cam de Leon,






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