Cast and Director          
  Manu Kumasi   Alex Levy   Alina Collins
  Dani Stoller   Bueka Uwemedimo


The Good Counselor
June 5 - June 28, 2015
By Kathryn Grant, Directed by Alex Levy

Vincent seeks truth, not only for his client, a mother accused of killing her three-week old son, but also for himself and his haunted past with his own neglectful mother. Both riveting and poetic in the same breath, this vibrant new play is not just another courtroom drama but a thoughtful and thought-provoking examination of human failing and redemption.







In the Gallery

Elaine Nunnally

Elaine Nunnally works in watercolor, which, she says, has an immediacy and translucency that is unlike any other medium. She has found inspiration for
many of her paintings from her travels, particularly in France. Her most recent work is a series of somewhat abstract scenes of brightly colored interstate highways. Elaine says, "As Americans, we can all relate to the
experience of driving along interstates. As we travel at high speeds, shapes and patterns leave impressions on us rather than images that are sharply focused. When translated using bright colors, they can be quite beautiful
and visually exciting."

Gallery curator: Deborah Conn


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